We've been having Dr. Castania come out for about a year now to take Care of our Furry Kids. They've been wonderful and it's so nice to have them be so caring and professional. We have an Old Chocolate Lab that we just can't load up anymore, which was not only tough for him, but us as well. So having them come to the house was a Godsend. Over the Course of their care not only for him but our Outside Boy, their health and happiness has greatly improved . Our Old Boy Lab had his Knees worked on 3-4yrs ago and that and old age had made him somewhat lethargic, stiff, and you could see he labored to move somedays. So after having him on pain meds for that time they just didn't seem to be helping like before and to our great surprise and joy, Dr. Castania told us about her new Cold Laser and explained all about the benefits and the treatment plans, so we decided to give a chance, and I have to say over the course of the first Treatment Plan that they came up with and now into the 2nd Stage, we've cut his pain meds in half, could probably reduce them even more but we're backing him down slow. We can tell how much relief and how much better he's doing, by his Stance, the strength that he's exhibiting when getting up and down, and even doing his outside duties, where he'd struggled before. I'm somewhat a skeptical person, I guess being a Quality Inspector for 30 yrs so I have been very watchful for every little thing and have to say the difference in his movements is somewhat amazing, you can just see it in his eyes and the way he holds his head, he'd much more alert and playful. I'd forgotten to add in how affordable their service was, and the House Call was equal to a Vet's Office visit, and the added bonus of not having to load them up and take them in someplace to not only stress them and Us, but also introducing them to outside things that they haven't been used to being around other animals. They were also very competitive on Medications and also Flea/ Tick, and Heartworm meds. So, From Both Of Us, Thank You Very Much, and I Highly Recommend Bluemoon Veterinary / Dr. Castania, and her Staff.


Dr. C and her staff are among the most compassionate and caring practitioners that I have ever met. They are always willing to answer questions and take the time when they are with you. Highly recommend them to anyone.

- Erin

I love Bluemoon Veterinary Services. I met them in a bad situation. I had a English Mastiff that I could not move and she was unable to move. They came to our house to check her out. She was in a bad situation and we were unable to save her. We had to put her to sleep. It was so much better doing it in our home. This was the hardest thing I have had to do. The good thing about it is that I found the best Vet around. I have other animals and they have helped with the others. From our new puppy to our older Lab. They have been the best thing to come into our lives for us and our fur family.


Very loving with your pets, especially for people who have pets that don't do well out of their own environment 


"She was great for our family. Our English Mastiff lost use of her back legs and couldn't move. She came to the house and checked and let us know that we could do surgery but she was 11 and it would be risky and costly. She was able to put her to sleep for us where we could say our good bye at home with her. I would use her agian and recommend her to ANYONE. Thank you so much for helping our family through our rough time "


"I love love love her! She takes the time to explain what she is doing, why she is doing it and makes my furbabies feel very comfortable. I will definitely be using her from now on!" 


"Finding a vet in the area that does house calls is almost impossible unless you're willing to pay the heavy price that comes with it. I was overly appreciative that Natalie was willing, came the same day, handled my skin sensitive temperamental dog with care, and was willing to work with me on payments had the attack wounds warranted more than a look over and meds after an attack. She has continued to keep in contact and help with additional concerns as they came up afterwards. The interaction beyond the knowledge and help sold me, I will continue to pass on the reference and have her take over my animals' "

- Samantha

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